Friday, August 22, 2008

Breastfeeding Group and Apologies for the sposie

I think this picture is very funny because it is something new that Celia has decided to do while nursing. I have nearly broken her of the habit, but it was funny so my Mom took a picture. Only those that have nursed will understand that I am a bit bummed that I never got a newborn nursing picture of Celia. In this picture you can't even really tell what she is doing. I didn't bother to watermark this because you really can't see her face. I did notice and not many will understand, but I am upset that there is a disposable (sposie) peaking out from underneath her nighttime onsie. We still put her in a sposie at night, I am actualy thinking about stopping that though as she is waking up too often with a red bum. I know it sounds bizarre but those who have joined the cloth diaper cult would understand. By the way, I just recently was able to sell 3 of her "pretty but didn't work with Celia" diapers and made back just about what I paid for them. Very economical, don't you think.

Okay, this won't be the most exciting post. But yesterday marked a day of goodbyes, there will be alot of those to come. Since Celia was 2 weeks old we have attended a breastfeeding group as part of my birthcenter 2x a month. We only missed one group meeting. No, I didn't need that much breastfeeding support (in the beginning absolutely) but after awhile it was more for husband venting, hanging out with friends, socialization, adult conversation, etc.

The group of girls are amazing that go to this group. They were instrumental to my "natural" parenting philosophy. I imagine that I would have been a totally different Mom if I had given birth in a hospital setting and not been provided the support that my birth center has given me. I think that Celia would be formula fed (not a bad thing if you have to do it, but breastmilk does provide some extras), I wouldn't have known about babywearing, and I likely would have been a bit more overprotective. This group of women lead me to my first miracle find of being a mother- the Moby Wrap. Celia loves that thing, it was the only thing that got her to sleep some days and it is still my favorite carrier. I would have never thought that having her sleep in my room for 3 + months was not only okay but better for her. I would not have known that Pete's response to the 6lb bundle was normal (he is amazing now, just a little scared in the beginning). I would never have felt that anything I decided to do for my baby was fine.

There is no judging done in the group. Celia has enjoyed hanging out with some playmates and yesterday when we pulled up to the building, she became so excited. She couldn't get out of her carseat fast enough. She also showed off her walking to the group leader, Patty a few times. I can't even express how much support Patty has provided. She was there for the infamous parking lot birth, there to great my crazy (but oh so sweet) husband who waited for the elevator instead of taking the stairs. She gave Pete a look that made me yell at him to get off his stupid cell phone for 5 seconds. Okay, only I probably understand that, but it was important to me.

So we will visit and hopefully see some of the same people again. I am sure that when there is a 2nd we will go to the group again, we must. But I can't express how much this group has meant to me. I not only have a wealth of knowledge about breastfeeding however I now have a group of women that I can still get support from even if it is through the web.

Thank you, Thank you!! Who knows where my nursing story will go from here. One of the things that this group has stressed from the beginning is to let the child lead you (not take over, just lead). So I will let Celia show me where it is going.

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