Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve

The day started a little before 6 am.  The girls and I headed to Wegmans for our Christmas Eve discount ornaments and breakfast.  The food was yummy the ornament selection sparse...  But Audrey chose a Dory ornament and Celia a gorgeous butterfly.  I had sushi for breakfast and it was delicious- avocado rolls and some cooked crab rolls.  Try it for breakfast sometime.

Then some laundry, tv/ipad vegging, cookie baking and decorating, to church at 2 for the 3:00 service.  Pete ushered, Celia sang and read (and designed the bulletin cover!!).  Auds and I hung out and enjoyed the service.  I bravely allowed both girls to hold candles for Silent night.

Back home we went for some Wii playing, laundry again, dishwasher emptied and breakfast for dinner!!  My excitement is that scrambled eggs are finally back in Auds life.  She is now a pancake snob and will only consume pumpkin pancakes which we had to night (thank you Trader Joes for your awesome pumpkin pancake mix).

So I leave you with Miss Audrey and Fluffy.  Fluffers has been by her side constantly lately.  She is quite the little cookie decorator lately and not as much a cookie eater!

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