Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Day

So yeah, sat next to a Wookie on Christmas Day during services.  
Christmas services were "pajamas encouraged" attire. 
I thought it was just for kids and honestly would have been much more comfy in pjs.

I wore this.  The blanket scarf was a Christmas gift from Pete.
It really does keep me warm!
This was right when they came down the stairs.
The girls basically got up at their normal wake up time, maybe even slightly later?
Pete got up early and so I was able to head down stairs and make our annual Christmas cinnamon rolls.  Thank you very much Trader Joes.
Also, you can see just 2 of the many pictures displayed up our stairs now.  
Walgreens had these wood panels and I had a 55% off coupon so I scored a bunch this holiday season and that is my little Christmas gift to myself.  I still have a few more to hang.

Flick'n Chickens game.  
Audrey's big Santa gift was a doll tent, doll sleeping bag, and doll camping gear.
She also scored a Calico Critter camping kit (thingy, not sure what to call it).
It is funny what ends up being the favorites, a tiny dog that came with the camping theme gift and stocking stuffers from bath and body works seem to be the favorite.

Celia got a Welly Wisher named Camille.
She also got Star Wars Guess Who and New Fuzzy slippers.  A Wii game from Pete and a new Star Wars iPad app seems to be her favorites too.  
Behind her is the tent I made for the girls.

Aunt Vickie made this awesome sewing machine cover for Celia's machine.
Celia could not figure out what it was at first however she loved it without even knowing the purpose because it is so cool!
I just had to snap a picture of this.  
This is Auds with the tiny puppy and Calico Critter set with toothbrush hanging out of her mouth.
We were getting ready to go to church.

My big gift to the family this year will be appreciated more later I think.
I gave them a family fun coupon file with gift cards, coupons, etc.  Included are coupons like breakfast in bed, a family dinner out, movie outings, trip to Washington DC, trip to the Aquarium, dates with Mommy/Daddy, special sleepovers with grandparents, etc.  I was excited about it but at their age it is more understood when the events actually happen.  I had fun creating it so that matters.

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