Sunday, November 20, 2016


On a non-working Friday Audrey came home from preschool and we quickly hopped in the car.  We were going to eat at the museum but Auds could not wait and I had the same thought about 30 min before she came home so she ate on the way!   Audrey loves this little museum and they recently put in a new exhibit.

Checking out the pretend floor aquarium that she loves

We went to the Arctic Rainforest exhibit.  One side had the Arctic with a lot of really cool things to do and another side had the rainforest part.  That was neat but Auds was more interest in the Arctic.  They had a pretend tree house and according to Auds I was not allowed to pretend I was way up high in the tree house, but I did anyway.

Trying on some snow shoes

In the igloo

Now we are both in the igloo!

The museum has some small trails out back and normally Audrey has a great time with me.  This is usually what she wants to do at the museum first but today she was scared.  I have no clue why!  It was gorgeous out.

She questioned if there was something living inside this huge stomp

We arrived back to the museum just in time to see this Albino Hedgehog get a bath!

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