Thursday, November 24, 2016

Audrey Turns 6

You are 6 today.
6 years baby girl and each year keeps getting better and better.
This year you were double excited about your birthday because it is also Thanksgiving.
You were frequently asking me this week "Mommy, aren't you just so excited?"
You are fierce and brave
You are also painfully shy but started out Kindergarten talking which is huge if you know our little girl!  Her Fall conference was awesome.
You handled the transition to Kindergarten and your after school program better then I could have imagined.  We are still working on branching out with who you talk to but I am sure that will come.
Kindergarten has sparked a tiny bit of interest in crafts and coloring which is new for you.  But you still just love to play, play, play.  One of your favorite things to do is swing on our tree swing.
You are also enjoying gymnastics class and your teacher says that you are sometimes a leader.

Yup, that sums of you completely

You absolutely love to make us laugh.
Sometimes you don't even try, you just are hysterical.
Your favorite foods include cantaloupe, bread with honey, peppers, tomatoes, Mac and cheese, rice, and almost any type of fruit.  You still would ALL day long if I let you.  Everyone says this is a growth spurt.  Well it has been a long 5 year growth spurt.

You love your big sister and she is your best friend.
Your buddy Taylor is also a close second and we have loved to see that relationship blossom.

You are such a good swimmer for your age and you did an awesome job at Champs this summer.
You also handled the whole season without fear or hesitation.
Your coach put you up on the block at the first meet, you dove off of it and then he turned to me and said "Wait, does she go off the block??"  I said "I guess she does now".  You just did it, did not question it, just went with it.  So Amazing.

Oh my goodness do you love the beach.  You ask about it all summer.
Mommy feels the same way!
You are Mommy's little buddy until Celia gets home and I have been amazingly blessed to be able to spend afternoons with you.  I will miss my little buddy next year!
You have a great passion for animals (stuffed or real).
We recently got a fish and you love him.
You also love our neighbor's dog Riley
Happy Birthday Miss Audrey
I am very Thankful for all of the Joy you give our family every single day.

Psst Auds, Aren't you just so Excited???

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