Sunday, October 30, 2016

It's Beginning to Look Like Halloween

Well it should be because it is tomorrow.  We have not been overly into Halloween this year.  We did trunk or treat at the girl's school for the first time and that was a lot of fun.  Audrey's puppy mask had not yet come in and I had not sewn all of her white fur patches on her outfit so we had to quickly pull together a costume out of our dress up bin.   Celia has had her costume for a long time, she is Annabeth from the Percy Jackson book series.  Not sure if many people will know who she is but that is okay, we love that she is a character from a book.

If you press the nose it barks, her teacher is going to LOVE me!!

We carved pumpkins with our friend Maria as we did last year
We had a lot of fun.  Auds had laid out her rubber gloves in the morning in preparation
for handling the inside guts.  She ditched them after about 2 minutes and tackled it without "protection".  The first year we carved pumpkins Auds ran across the room when I asked if she wanted to touch the inside of the pumpkin.

Celia and Maria did these two pumpkins, Celia even helped carve this year!

Audrey picked this hatchet carrying scary guy.

We have been enjoying the Y pool again.  The girls will stay in it for hours.
One of the times we were just about the only ones in the pool and Audrey asked if the water mushroom could be turned on and I explained that I didn't think so.  I guess the lifeguard heard and with in seconds it was on and both girls were ecstatic.   I love that it is a warm water pool.

Celia's orthodontist rented out a local bowling alley for a Halloween party and we were encouraged to bring a friend.  I thought it was going to be smaller and a push for those friends to come see her but honestly the only advertising done was on a small piece of chocolate on the way out.  2 hours of free bowling, pizza, cake, drinks, dancing, and photos to take home.  No braces for Celia yet, just a retainer to wear at night to keep her from biting the roofing of her mouth due to her overbite.

Auds and I have spent several days at our local orchard.  We picked out seconds apples for applesauce and went twice for pumpkins.  She loves the goats!

Gymnastics observation day, she is on the end in the pink and blue. 
She is by far the straightest!!  She is the oldest in the group this year and her teacher says that she is a great model for the rest of the kids.
I don't have any pictures of Celia but she is really enjoying her Praise Dance classes and is practicing for her performances in December.