Saturday, August 20, 2016

Our Beach Trip Part 1

We went to Corolla this year for our Beach Trip.  We normally stay in Duck however I did not book our trip until later and we liked this house in Corolla the best.  We lucked out, the beach was so gorgeous.  Apparently right in front of our community was less crowded, you look either way about a 1/8 of mile each way and there are a lot more people.

We decided to split up the trip and booked a hotel the night before in an area about 90 min from Corolla.  If you can get onto Duck highway prior to the mass entrance of all the vacationers then you are set.  If you don't, then you sit for hours..  So we got to Corolla about 10 ish, drove around, had lunch, and watched the movie Pete's Dragon.  It was excellent.  We also discovered a movie theater in Corolla that apparently had been there for years.  Good to know, you know after vacationing down here for 7 years!!

We did walk around the Corolla light house area.  Celia was tired and up and down with emotions, this was happy.  We like happy Celia.  Miss Audrey below was just hanging out looking pretty.

The day after we arrived Pete rented this scooter car.  He decided to drive it in a 45 mph zone and made a lot of people irritated but the girls had fun.  Audrey did decide that it did not go fast enough and her ride was short.

Our beach was gorgeous but there was one problem.  The water up and down the east coast has been warm, in the 80s.  For some odd reason the outer banks water temp was primarily in the low 60s until the last 2 days of our trip.  The girls did not seem to mind however it was literally numbing.  I could tell the difference between 61 and 65.

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