Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Last Day of Pre- K

So this is the last day of Pre-k for Miss. Audrey.   We have been at this school for 7 years and 9 months!!  It has really been our extended family.  I can not express how much this little school has meant to us.

She has had quite the growth spurt this year.  She is long and lean now.

If you think the blond hair is getting darker, don't worry it always looks like that at the beginning of June.  By August it will look like the August picture.

Audrey, you entered Pre-K painfully shy and had absolutely no interest in anything but play.
Your teacher said it so perfectly when she said "Audrey is girl that loves to have fun".  That sums up Audrey.  If it isn't fun, she doesn't want to do it.  And quite honestly, what 5 year old should have any other theory in life.  I love you Miss Audrey Marie and I can't wait to see you grow.

Thank you so much Miss. Shelley for an amazing year.
Thank you Office Donna for helping us these past 7 years and 9 months.
Thank you to all our UMCC teachers that have helped both our girls along the way.

We will see you for our week of camp!!

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