Friday, January 15, 2016

Long time

I just have not had the motivation to update the blog even though I should as this is my scrapbook/journal for the girls.

We are back into the swing of things after Christmas break.  I enjoy Audrey's laid back schedule of just school and gymnastics.  Celia has 2 spanish classes, choir, and fencing each week.  Choir and 1 Spanish class are in one afternoon so that is a busy evening.  I know that many families do more but there is something nice about just having the freedom to relax some afternoons.  I think that now that it is January we have the homework routine down and it isn't really taking us that long.  Time management is the key and at age 8 Celia has no idea, that is a work in progress.  Word Study could take 1/4 of the time if each word was not sung several times…..

Audrey sometimes does "homework" when Celia is working too.  I give her random pages and she usually complies.  If she doesn't then she has to at least leave her sister alone during that time.  Last week she was completing a page in which she had to color in lower case letter i and she missed seeing one.  I pointed it out and she said "oh my teacher has failed me".  Celia and I lost it.  Not sure who she was referring to, her preschool teacher or me.

The girls are all about American Girl dolls and the good thing is that they are content with Celia's one American girl doll.  Now all of our dolls are referred to as American Girl Dolls so we are likely set!  Celia has made some clothes for them and the dolls have sleepovers in different rooms.

Twinnies (Celia has to be in the right mood for me to dress them alike)

I thought she looked so cute in her outfit.

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Diana Lesjak said...

I haven't blogged much .... Could be because my blog is about my gems who I don't see as often as I used too!!! They are growing and involved in so many activities and so am I! My husband and I have spent more time at our Florida home! I told my gems... " that's what old people do!" Sarah replied- you aren't that old Meme! Cecelia looks so grown up in your last picture! Precious girls you have!