Saturday, January 23, 2016

Blizzard 2016

I am not sure how much snow we have gotten, 18 inches? 20?  Not sure, it is a lot.  They indicate that we are in this 25 to 28 inch band but then they keep moving it north so I am not sure.  I guess tomorrow morning we will know.

Notice where it comes on Audrey!  This is the first time we have broken out the snow gear this season and Celia's snow bibs are huge.  I got them at a consignment sale and they said size 8 to 10.  Well they lean more towards the 10 to 16 range.  Audrey has Celia's old snow pants and they either stretched out or she is slimmer then Celia was at this age.  So they are both well padded.

We are hoping to do some longer outdoor snow fun tomorrow.  We didn't last more then 30 to 40 minutes today because I guess that playing in an actual blizzard is not that fun.  

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