Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mothers Day Photos

Audrey was the first child to wish me Happy Mother's Day.  She wondered into Celia's room, plopped herself on Celia's bean bag and grinned and said "Happy Mother's Day Mommy".  I thought, how sweet and I gave her a kiss.  I thought incorrectly that this would be a nice morning.  I was incorrect….

This pretty much summed up 75% of our day and I have no clue why.
It just was NOT her day.  We have not had this in a long time.
She went to bed with reflux symptoms but that is not new.
She went to bed a little late 2 nights in a row, maybe that.
She is Audrey, that could be it.

Yes, this one was in a good mood.
She has spent the last few days in a pony tail.  
The child that has fought my attempts at putting any part of her hair up just decided Friday that she wanted her hair in a pony tail.  So we went with it.  I think it is her frustration with having curls, even though they are beautiful.  When she takes the pony tail out her hair is a big huge poof ball and it is hilarious.

So overall Mothers Day was nice.  Pete did some extra cleaning and laundry and grilled tonight.  I could have done without Audrey's mood, but we all have those days.

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