Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Truth

So Audrey has a long hidden secret.  At school my child is this

She is sweet, always follows directions, plays well with others, knows how to share and problem solve.
Evidently she is the perfect child at school.
When I ask about her behavior they look at me like I am absolutely insane.  Audrey- misbehave, never.

Folks this is the Audrey we know and love.

The truth is I really would not change her.  She is my spunky, tough as nails, persistent, and sometimes challenging little girl.  It is going to help her in life, honestly.   She is also hilarious, her sister even says that many times.  I don't know if she shares that side with school.  She does love cuddles, more then any child that I know.  In fact right now she is in my lap playing.  She asked me if I could just sit and cuddle with her in Daddy's chair.  Pete has a chair that he declares his.  Truth is, I think it now belongs to Audrey.

Audrey is shy.  Sometimes painfully shy and also stubborn about it.  If she has it in her mind that she is not going to talk in a situation she WILL NOT talk.  She thinks she is as old as Celia until it is more convenient to be picked up and carried around and then her feet and legs are so little.  She has her sister wrapped around her little finger.  She does and I am not sure Celia is aware of it.  This morning Audrey was so upset because I would not buy her an equestria girl like Celia's two ugly as can be dolls.  I told her it would have to be earned because it is not Christmas or her birthday.  Audrey was beside herself.  Celia tried to justify it to me and then told Audrey that she could play with her dolls while she was at school.  She patted Audrey and justified her misery.  Good grief.  Least you think big sis is completely sweet and innocent, Celia also takes GREAT pleasure in harassing Audrey.  A little too much pleasure at times.

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