Friday, December 12, 2014

Random Post

Audrey had a Thanksgiving show at her school.  It is fun having a Thanksgiving show and not a Christmas show.  The holidays just get stressful and I like to think that at school they are spending more time having fun and talking about the real meaning of Christmas (she goes to a Christian preschool) and not having to practice for a show.  

So on the day of her show we had a small snow storm.  It ruined Grandma and Grandpas plans to go to Celia's grandparents day at school but no fear because Mom Mom attended the event.  She made Celia even happier by bringing her home early as Mom Mom wanted to make it home safely. 

So Celia's best buddy came over and all three girls made the snow man.  They did it without any help at all!  I just handed the random requests for snowman accessories.

And here is my crazy Olaf wearing eldest.  She stayed out in the snow far longer then I expected.
The girls and I are outdoor loving people however Cecelia is not one to tolerate the cold.  We practically had to drag the girls in after hours outside.  Audrey was the first to come to her senses and come inside.

I never showed off Audrey's birthday cake.  A pony.  Some fondant and an online tutorial made it super easy.

So a few days after Thanksgiving we decorated the tree.
Something irritated this kiddo.  A lot of things tend to do that.

Deep in thought.  Actually she is likely gathering up her argument for something that I told her not to do as we are at that, I can not accept no age.  Oh wait, I don't think we have ever not been in that stage.

This is for my friend Julie.
Yup, candy in the insta snow!!  So at Pete's company Christmas party the girls made insta snow.
They enjoyed playing with it at home and I bought gummy trees and bears for play.  We play a lot with candy.  Skittles are awesome to scoop.

Playing away, Audrey eating a banana.  Do you like the face painting?
Pete's company had a frozen themed party this year.  Audrey loved Elsa and Anna… Santa on the other hand, not so much.

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