Saturday, December 27, 2014

Natural History Museum

Audrey has a love for a local Natural History Museum.  It is a very small museum and rarely crowded but it does frequently host field trips.  I have been meaning to get a membership to it.  We had a reciprocal membership last year but it expired at the end of June.  So when I saw that they had a holiday BOGO, I went with it.  We get a reciprocal membership to all science museums with of course many restrictions, ha!

So Audrey and I went on a Friday and then brought Celia back on a Monday afternoon.  Celia usually blows through the place in less then 20 min but we actually found some things that occupied her for longer.  In fact I mistakenly thought that the museum closed at 3:00 and really it was 4:30.  I rushed them out and then saw the hours on the door and Celia was really mad at me!

 Building Carbon Atoms
 Balancing a Nano world

 Blurry but she points out everything

 We love the below ground aquarium.  It is pretend but very cool.
 So the thing behind them is called Titanaboa.  There was a fossil of a snake found that was this large.  They found 28 of them.  The snake was the size of a bus.  Can you imagine bumping into that???

In the Discovery room they have some animals in cages.  
The girls are not squeamish of snakes, love that!

 Just hanging out in the rain forest
 Mrs. Claus in the rainforest
Audrey tells me every time- "you not that is not real, it's just he's bones" (yes not his he's)

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