Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Better halloween pictures

 This is in front of our new front door and on our amazing front porch.  Why the tooth fairy?  On 10/24, Celia had 3 baby teeth pulled.  She has wanted to lose teeth for forever.  This summer she came to me and showed off a brand new adult tooth that was coming up behind her baby teeth.  She was excited.  I was busy dialing up the dentist.  So the dentist took a look and decided to wait and see.  He gave labor day as the deadline.
 Labor day came and those baby teeth were as solid as a rock.  So off to the dentist we went again and to my surprise, the dentist showed me the second adult tooth… So off to the oral surgeon we went.  General anesthesia, 3 teeth out, brave little girl, and she was set for halloween candy.  She is just late with teeth like her Mom.  At age 7, those 6 year molars are just now popping in.
 Audrey was ballet kitty, it is her favorite book.  Audrey loves our new house.  She is mad when I have to go back to the townhouse to get a few items or check on the house.  She always makes sure that we are not going to STAY at the house.  I never imagined that she would have such an easy transition to the new house.  Even putting her to bed continues to get slightly better (I mean like a finger nail sliver easier)
 Cecelia is doing awesome in school, in fact we have been told that school is very easy for her.  She tested in the mid to high 3rd grade reading level.  So we will be exploring how to make things a challenge for her.  She is not really a fan of challenges though!  She also moved up a level in swimming.  So did Audrey.  We also had a good report at Audrey's conference.  She is friendly, polite, follows all directions, and is a great friend at school.  She is advanced in her fine motor skills, she is quite the pro with scissors.
 Cecelia loves our new house but she does miss the town house a bit.  So does her Mom.  A big house is a lot more complicated then a small 3 bedroom townhouse.  But this house is very nice.
 The girls love their swing set, I made sure that was included with the house.
 There is even a tree swing.  Cecelia especially loves it.
As for the inside of the house, things are coming along.  I like that the house is so open.  I am standing taking this picture from the living room and you can see straight through to the glass doors to the office.  I love my table.  It is a butcher block table we have had for 9 years.  A formal table for our family does not make sense or fit us in in this stage of life.   But this table just has a lot of memories and has been very forgiving to all of the spills and stains.  It sands down easily!  The girls love to sit at our bar and Pete and I enjoy eating dinner at the table with the girls at the bar!

Unpacking is going.  Decorating is a long way off at this point but I am seeing the end to unpacking.

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Diana Lesjak said...

Can't wait to see more! Love the costumes... Even yours!