Monday, November 24, 2014

And Heres To Four

Happy 4th Birthday to my baby girl!  Audrey has very mixed feelings about turning 4.  She wants to stay little forever and ever she says so there is some fear with turning 4.  Audrey somewhat thinks that tomorrow she will awake and be big.  Not going to happen but understandable for a 4 year old's thinking!

So this is a picture heavy post and later I will update on her happenings.

 Fluffy is your buddy.  She travels the house with you and if you were allowed, she would play outside too.  Fluffy does not however look like that picture.  She has a grayish tint and is anything but fluffy.

 She is a fish and she loves swim lessons.
As a birthday treat I signed her up for a few sessions with her favorite swim teacher.
She has been asking and asking me to email Miss. Sharon for a lesson.

 When she found out we were moving she said "Don't the house have a beach and a pool?"
We had to break the news that our new house was not a beach house.

 School Photo

Crazy dancing with her sister

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

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Diana Lesjak said...

Happy Birthday Audrey! My Layla cried when she went to bed on her fourth birthday saying "I can't be 4, I just can't!" So she stayed 3 for one more night!! Things are always brighter in the morning! Be happy to be 4 Audrey!