Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Our Little Swimmer

So Cecelia agreed to swim on the swim team again this year ONLY if she did not have to participate in any meets.  I just wanted her to gain confidence and be able to make it across the pool with strength.  Swim team is every day for 30 to 40 min.  It is a short season but the kids do make progress with practice every day.  Celia has made dramatic progress, especially in her confidence.  The coaches convinced her to do a meet and she did awesome.  Today was her second meet and she was set to do freestyle and backstroke.  Unfortunately just as she was supposed to swim backstroke they asked everyone to get away from the pool due to thunder and lightening.  At that point Audrey was DONE as it was 96 degrees, past dinner, and we had been there for 3 hours.  So I went to one of her coaches and immediately signed her out of the meet which annoyed Celia but the sky was really looking awful and I knew we were not going to get the rest of the meet in.  By the time we reached our car (half the participants were also heading to their cars) they had called the meet and postponed it to another day.  It was quite the drive home in that storm, glad they did not wait longer!

 She just received instruction on how to dive yesterday.
She only dove off of the block a few times yesterday!
 Look at that stream line and her great coaches right beside her!

She finished strong and did an awesome job!

We need to find a solution for her little sister.  Waiting around at a meet in the heat for 3 hours is not the most fun.  Of course the main meltdown happened when I let her go in the baby pool with her clothes.  She was so hot that I just let her go and then she freaked out when she found out I did not bring a change of clothes for her.  We have come a very long way with sensory issues, but I really should have thought before I did it.  She was not happy with the clingy clothes but fortunately after her tantrum they dried quickly.

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Diana Lesjak said...

Swim teams are the best!! Sarah keeps trying to quit but Beckie is making her stick with it because she is a great swimmer! Hope you find a solution for your little one! We used to bring a bucket and some old paintbrushes and let the little ones paint the cement with water!! Kept them busy! Good luck!