Friday, November 23, 2012

Guess Who's Two!

Miss Audrey Marie you are two today.

We will get your stats on Monday at your appointment but I believe that you are 25 1/2 lbs, close to 26 lbs maybe and around 33 inches.  You had a GI appointment a few weeks ago in which we found out that you gained 4 lbs in 2 months!!

Okay so for the not so great stuff first.  Audrey, you are a high maintenance kid, I love you to pieces, but you are high maintenance.  Since Mommy started working part time you are a bit better but you still remain difficult during many times of the day.  You are not always sweet to your sister and if she dares to sit on Mommy's lap you scream, try to push her off, and throw a fit.  You have the best big sister and she basically ignores your fits.  Although she tends to not ignore it when you hit or push her but she never hits you back.

Now to most people, especially to your school, you are very sweet, very quiet, and very well behaved.  I guess that is the way we should want it.  When your Grandparents have watched you, they can not believe how sweet and quiet you are and, well, we can not believe that either!!  One-on-one with Daddy you are often super sweet too (although there have been some moments).  I (Mommy) am enjoying the one on one time I have with you on Wednesdays when Celia is in school all day.  I have really been able to see all that you do and it has been so nice to see.  You are awesome when I take you on errands.  You have never given me any problems in a store and you sit in the shopping cart without an issue.  At Target you love to check out the toys and you are great when I let you know that we can not take a toy home.  That toy goes back on the shelf and sometimes we say "shh" because we put the toy to sleep.  You also love to go grocery shopping and sometimes you tell me what to buy.  You have to hold certain foods like the bananas and apples.

You are talking so much and in full sentences.  Your top phrases are "I don't like it, Mommy", "I did it!", "Come on", "I want this one", "I do it".    You can say most anything but you often become so shy around others that the outside world has not heard all that you can say!  That is okay, you will work on it.

You are doing so well with the potty.  Right now you are basically telling us when you need to go and you often want to do it yourself, push us away and say "I do it".  We are very proud of your accomplishment, we never thought that we would have two early potty trainers.

You absolutely love to help Mommy cook and you often know what is needed when we are cooking.  When you want eggs cooked,  you tell Mommy "that one" and point to the pan, "cook eggs, stir it, cheese".   Your favorite foods seem to be changing but right now you like "soup" which is rice crispy cereal, yogurt with honey, barbeque chicken, harvest grain mix from Trader Joes, freeze dried edamame, hummus, and bread with honey.    You do love to eat, but sometimes we think you are trying to eat to deal with your reflux.  We are still working on watching the signs and making sure that we keep up with your medicine.

You love elmo, playing with candy corn (scooping a bunch, pouring them into containers, etc), puzzles, cats, coloring, building "towers", and your baby dolls.  Your most favorite thing in the world is your sister.  You call her "Boo" and you will often say "i call her" and then I hear "Boo" being yelled to find her.

I love you little girl, here's to an amazing year!!

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