Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rewind to age 4

I have this birthday book for both girls but I have been somewhat lazy with it.  I did not actually buy it until last year so really I can excuse myself for Celia's first three birthdays.  I did an interview with her last year as part of the book and I thought it would be funny to post it.  I need to do her 5th year interview!

What were some of your favorite gifts that you got this year?  All of them

Tell me what immediately comes to mind when I say these words:

Me:  Home
Celia:  All about everything

Me:  Favorite Color
Celia:  Pink

Me:  Sister
Celia: Audrey

Me:  Magic
Celia:  What is that?

Me:  Bedtime
Celia:  I get up
    Okay, did anyone notice what is wrong with that response????

Me:  School
Celia:  Love everything in my school

Me:  Love
Celia:  Miss. Donna

Me:  What's the last thing you were sad about?
Celia:  When I moved out of Miss. Donna's room

Me:What makes you really really happy?
Celia:  Miss Donna and Amber

Me::Are you scared of anything:
Celia:  Bees, tigers, and bears

Me:If you could have any animal in the world as a pet, what would it be?
Celia: baby unicorn

Me:What do you think you'd like to be when you grow up?
Celia:a vet

Me:  Do you like your name?
Celia:  yes

Me:Whose the last person you kissed?
Celia:  Mommy

I want you to take note of the Miss. Donna part.  I have been totally shocked by the fact that Celia is not still a semi-stalker of Miss. Donna.  I say semi-stalker because the obsession was that strong.  She still loves her, very much, but I think Celia is becoming more mature with her feelings.  I think that some embarrassment comes with how passionately she feels about some people.  But do not worry Miss. Donna, Celia still has a very special spot for you.  Actually at her school she has a very special spot for both Donna's at her school.    I am sad that this is Celia's last year at that school too, next year is realty time.   But in true Celia's nature she will shine.

Oh and I do have to share one thing that really cracked me up.  Celia announced this on Friday.
"Guess what Mommy, at school today I had a consequence today and I handled it very well"

She wanted praise and congratulations over that statement and did not understand why Mommy could not quite get past the"consequence" and fast forward to the "handling it well".  

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