Saturday, June 30, 2012


Audrey falls asleep 80% of the time when I take her for a morning walk. It makes me believe that she really does not need to get up at the time she does, between 5 and 5:30. She does look sweet in the BOB!

Audrey is doing so much better then I thought she would with potty learning. Honestly i never thought I would luck out with two early trainers. I suspect there will be regression with changes but she certainly gets it. She is even not wetting as much during naps and at night, with a few nights in which she has been dry. I appreciate not having to deal with bulky night diapers anymore! It just so happened that the week I pushed the training she had a language explosion. So she now can say I peepy or I go peepy or I poppy ( for either potty or poopy). All of those mean she has to go, not that she has already gone. She does not tell us consistently however enough that I am impressed, she certainly informs me when she has to poop. She says, I poppy, melmo. The translation is I have to go poopy and then I want to watch elmo on the iPad. She is getting away from the potty treats slightly, but she often wants to go so she can have a yogurt raisin or a teddy graham. Our next step is to try to get her to go without the sesame street potty insert!

Celia is also enjoying the potty training as she feels she should get a treat everytime Audrey goes!

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