Thursday, June 21, 2012


I decided to surprise Celia this morning by coloring a picture in white crayon and having her reveal it in water color. In true Celia form she was disgusted by the idea and it did not go over well. luckily she redeemed herself by wanting to draw the dragon in a book we are reading,My Father' s Dragon. It is actually a great chapter book with a wide age range. The story has been around for fifty years and I have just heard about it. In anycase I drew the dragon and she painted it and then she decided it was the Dragon's Mom.
Audrey had to get into the action and was doing great until she decided to paint by dumping her water cup. That earned her a trip to the floor with a prize container of crayons! The first picture is one we took while waiting for the sunscreen to sink in so they could go out to the pool.

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