Thursday, January 13, 2011

But Celia likes the Snow- until she gets cold

My child walks around the house in her undershirt and pants and I don't keep my house super warm.  She would go around the house naked if we told her it was okay.  Yet when we go outside, she doesn't last long at all.  Yesterday we stopped by our neighbors house and Celia didn't want to leave.  We negotiated a little more time playing outside in the snow, I was dreading standing out in the cold with Audrey in my Ergo carrier (bundled up, face snuggled against Mommy's warmth).  Of course I forgot to put Celias gloves that are attached to her coat on her actual hands and after she touched snow, we couldn't get them back on.  So when I told her that, she shrugged "Oh, well, I'm cold so lets go in".  I think her negotiatied 10 min in the snow ended up being 30 seconds!  The tiny snowstorm did not close her school but Celia and I decided it was a snow day, so she skipped school.

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