Monday, January 24, 2011

2 months

Weight- 8 lbs 14 oz, 5th %
Height- 21 3/4 inches, 25%
Head -15 1/4 inches, 76%

Clothes:  0-3 months
Diapers:  In newborn prefolds, small covers, and will likely outgrow her to Little Joeys in the next month.  We had to retire her preemie cover and I am using two preemie prefolds when I use them.  In her one disposable at night she is still rocking a newborn huggy.

The doctor thinks she is great but we are going to try some reflux meds to see if she might have silent reflux.  It might explain her fussiness.  So we are trying it for a bit and if we so no difference, then that wasn't the answer!  She has some signs but not many so I am not expecting much.

We need to do more tummy time, which I am neglectful of.  When you have a baby that cries for much of the day, doing something that actualy makes her fuss and cry isn't all that appealing.  But really babwearing counts as tummy time, and she gets a lot of that.

She turned on the charm at the doctors office.  I was discussing how fussy she is and there she is smiling and cooing at the nurse and doctor!!  We are turning a corner I do think, in the past week she has been more interested in people and things.  So hopefully three months will bring a more happy and satisfied baby.

She is saying:  abu, pll...(spit bubbles) a gooo, and ho

She tolerates the swing, preferring it often without the swinging motion. 

She still loves, loves, loves to be worn.  I don't know what I would do without my sleepy wrap.  She still needs to be swaddled at night.

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Mom on the Run said...

We have so much in common! Our little ones sound so similar!! Glad I got to meet you and share our stories.