Sunday, April 4, 2010

Holidays are not healthy days for us!

Around Christmas time it was the horrid stomach bug.  This time it has been this wacky lingering cold.  My throat is still sort of raw and I just don't feel myself at all.  But my poor, poor, little girl has had it I think!  She felt fine this morning, at least we thought.  We went to church and with some fishies, cinderella toys, a sticker book, pencil and paper, water bottle, and her interest in Pastor Truman- Celia was awesome.  She just had her cough- no wheezing.  Well we got home, she had her Easter Egg hunt, ate an awesome lunch and then sacked out on the couch for a few minutes before nap.  Prior to that I noticed goose bumps on her when she went to the bathroom.  I noticed that she felt warm and sure enough 100.4.  She requested tylenol before nap, took a great nap and awoke with a 101 temp, then it was 102, 103, 104!  So gave her some children's motrin to go along with the tylenol, then some more tylenol when she was due.  Wow, the magic of that medicine combo.  She actualy ate dinner and was playing.  She acted completely normally when we put her to bed.  We think we gave her too much, a little lethargy goes a long way with dealing with Celia as far as bed time routine goes.  Although this temp is a bit high for Celia, she tends to get these things and then 6 to 12 hrs later have a normal temp. 
We are a bit concerned though because this at the tail end of a cold.  I talked to the doctor because we were not sure if we should be doing the nebulizer treatments- she isn't wheezing.  The doctor told me to go ahead and do it a few times.  I was still hesitant so we only did it once, she didn't really need it.  I have never called the after hours number before but this is a unique situation and the doctor was nice but gave me advice on how to deal with the fever.  I know how to deal with a fever!  I just thought that wheezing on Friday with cold symptoms that turns into a fever two days later is concerning...
So happy thoughts that this really is only a virus and she is back to herself tomorrow. 

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