Friday, July 28, 2017

Swim Champs

We just finished up the morning session of our league swim champs.  Both girls made it to champs this year.  Audrey made it back this evening for freestyle and Celia made it back as an alternate for free and in a relay.

Our swim caps our for Scott Elliot who passed away 2 weeks ago.  He was a swim coach for one of the league swim teams.  The league is donating 50/50 sales, shirt sales, and wrist band funds to the family this year.   We all bought these swim caps and they are great but BIG!

See swimmer in the farthest lane?  That is Celia.  When she started there relay team was behind the lane next to her.
Look where they finished!!

I posted pictures now because the weather forecast has us in the rain the rest of the evening and tomorrow.

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