Friday, June 9, 2017

Last day of 3rd grade

This year has been a learning experience for us all, Celia is growing up and entering into that tween stage.  We have to give her some independence but still deal with the fact that she is a little girl.  Anyone that questions that their 9 year old is still a little girl needs to eyeball a 16 year old.  They are still little.

But Celia has grown in all areas, she is so much taller and she has matured.  She is compassionate and bright.  This year she gained more independence in doing school work on her own.  For the 2nd half of the year I felt as if I barely had to deal with her school work, she just did it.  Of course 3rd grade did have to throw in a big project during the last weeks of school.  Don't they know we limp to the finish line???  

First day

Last day