Tuesday, July 19, 2016

July 19th

You can look back at my past 7/19 posts.  
Dad, we are knee deep in swimming this year.  We are unexpectedly headed to league champs this year.  At first Celia chose camp over it and I was more then OK with that.  Adding an extra week of practice and attending a 2 day swim meet (morning and possibly evening) is not quite exciting to me.  Her friend and her coaches changed her mind and she can still go to 3 days of camp.  She will simply practice for 1 day and attend camp for 3 days.  I guess sort of the best of both worlds.  She will have fun hanging out with her friends.  I love that they are part of the team and feel supported (that was a priority for you) but it is a long haul in the summer.

Life is good.  All your Grandkids are together this week.

Audrey is my comedian.  I think of you when she does things like the above.
She would have made my you laugh all the time and I have a feeling it would have been a mutual relationship.  

The older one would just amaze you.  She is bright, loves to read, and is just basically turning into a young lady.  Her personality is forming and you can see some passions starting to form.  Dad, you would have loved watching them grow.

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