Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentines Day

Keep in mind while viewing these photos that the child in the pink is painfully shy

Our summer sitter came to watch them on Wednesday while I had Celia's conference 
and she hid in her room for half the time and then did not talk to the sitter

She stopped participating in Music class at school for a month when a new music teacher came.
The new teacher was someone she has known for awhile.

Yet at home…  This is her true self.
This is completely Audrey

She is the definition of "she may be small but she is mighty"
Celia is amazing and that conference offered no concerns.


On this day I was sitting at the table sipping my coffee and looked up to this.
Audrey sat him there to keep me company.
If you turn him on he continuously yips and jumps.
We keep him off.

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