Sunday, December 13, 2015

Headboard fun

I ordered a headboard around Black Friday/Cyber Monday.  It was a great deal and the first head board that Pete and I have owned on our bed.  I guess it was about time.  To be honest, I was so sick of pillows falling behind the bed and the girls standing behind our mattress on top of the box spring and squishing the pillows even further down.  Anyhow it came in a huge box and Audrey was beside herself with delight.  First she found out that we could keep the itty bitty tools that came with the headboard and then she found the stupid styrofoam stuff inside the big box.  You know the stuff that gets everywhere.  She shredded it and made it into snow, I know, it clings to everything.  But it was too late once I got to her so for quite some time now the playroom is likely going to have styrofoam clinging to every crevice.

Not sure how the kitty hat fits in

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