Thursday, September 17, 2015

This and That, really Celia

So I realized that I did not post a picture of Celia's birthday cake or anything about her birthday celebration.  But first, going to go in order of the pictures loaded onto blogger.

Little girl is taking gymnastics and she loves it.
She is the blondy in fruit in the black and pink leotard

Picture day happened and she is super into posing

This was her book cake I made for her first little party with her best buddy Vanessa.
She wanted a sleep over and I am not a huge fan of sleepovers for 8 year olds.
So we compromised with a late night.  They got to stay up until 9 pm!!!

The book cake I made for her family/close friends party

See the library card???

Flashback photo I found.  Blurry, but itty bitty curly mopped Celia!!!

She is actually taking fencing classes now. She loved the first class, so watch out.

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