Saturday, August 22, 2015

More Beach Fun

 I made the mistake of bringing a bottle of bubbles to the beach.
Evidently it was Celia's personal bubbles which I had no idea.
Somebody was sad that she did not get a turn.

Pretty Landscape photo from an Audrey and Mommy outing.
Every year I take Celia on a Mommy and Celia outing.  
Audrey got her turn this year too!

She chose ice-cream of course

Some more pretty pictures

View from our beach house.  I wanted to get the sunrise.
Sadly the clouds were in the way.

Girls working together on a sand project.
See the rough ocean!  Auds thought she could just walk right in that water.
Celia went into the water and had a blast.
She really knows how to navigate those waves.

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