Sunday, December 21, 2008


As you can see from the picture, getting a Christmas photo from Celia was very interesting. It took awhile and she was very funny with the whole process. At one point I gave her a Christmas book to hold, I thought that would look nice in a photo. Well she really got into the book, so much so that I couldn't see her face! She had fun hanging upside down, climbing, lifting her dress... I had to edit the final photo because there was a spray of spit coming out because she was making some wild noise. My daughter is hilarious.

This is such a change from last year. Celia is able to help (okay slightly) with making ornaments and cookies. We had a great time with her friend Amber, making ornaments. Celia got a bit tired of it quickly but entertained us with her loud talking and feet propped up on the table.

So I follow alot of blogs, it is my entertainment. Well I came across a recent story that is heartbreaking and the family certainly needs some prayers.

Here is the link

Basically this family lost their baby girl to cancer, she had two different types of tumors. They had another baby girl and were living their life, likely thinking that there is a slim chance that they will have to go through something like that again. Well sadly their 2 month old baby girl was just found to have a brain tumor and a spinal tumor. The chances of this occuring in two family members is unheard of. Luckily they were able to remove most of the brain tumor but their still remains the spinal tumor and a long road ahead.

I have added some new blog links, check them out. I will write more later. I have done some holiday baking and gift wrapping this weekend. I am wiped. Two days of work remain before Christmas break and I am so ready.

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