Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ramblings of Chincoteague Island

We just returned from our first vacation as a family to Chincoteague Island. Celia is 9 months and she basically behaved like any slightly advanced baby would. She acted as if nothing were really new. Her favorite discoveries on Chincoteague included the glass coffee table in the townhouse in which she could place her lips flat on and blow. She cruised around that coffee table quite often with her small green ball in one hand. She also discovered that she loves playing with my Chapter books. Perhaps it is because I haven't really allowed myself until now to actualy sit down and read books. So she was determined throughout the vacation to steal that book, take the book marker out and bend the front cover as far back as she could. Oh and she did take a bite out of the second page, fiber is a good thing. We brought a bag full of toys for her but basically she just wanted her little green ball, a remote, my books, and the coffee table. We even brought this cool new toy that her Grandpa bought her. It is a stackable tower in which you can also make large or small balls out of the parts. There is a tiny yellow ball that jingles and can fit inside the larger balls. Celia did enjoy the yellow ball if she couldn't find her green one. Okay, I haven't explained the green ball. My teaching assistant, Cora, gave me this big baby bottle filled with a cup, bowl, spoon, and these two little balls. Well of all toys, this is what is Celia's favorite.

So back to our vacation. What did we do? Okay well Pete got his naps in of course, my husband loves to sleep, it is his hobby and he is very good at it. He also was able to do some fishing and crabbing. It was good to see him enjoy his time off and know that this was my idea! Once again I am the master travel planner. I had a great time crabbing too. It brought back some childhood memories of crabbing with Uncle Bump and the Clarks in Fenwick Isle Okay, my mother and sister will understand that. But for whoever reads this I guess all that needs to be said is that I vacationed in Fenwick Isle beach as a kid and crabbed. I absolutely loved steamed crabs as a kid.  We biked around Assateague Island and Pete pulled Celia in a kiddy trailer. Pete was very excited that while biking we met a nice black snake. It slithered off the road and was certainly not a threat. But my husband, so excited at the idea that we saw a snake, warned two walkers to watch for snakes. What I think he wanted to say was "I saw a snake, I saw a snake". It was cute, probably one of those had to be there moments. We did see some of the wild horses from a distance. Celia enjoyed the ride somewhat, there were some tears. But she was a bit small for the trailer and unfortunately spent a good part of it on her side.

Oh the beach, almost forgot. Well it is May and the water is like 50 so no we didn't go swimming. So we brought Celia to the beach on the warmest day, laid out a blanket and I stripped her. Why you ask.. Well to put on her swim suit of course. No, I didn't throw the poor girl in the water. I had to get those beach photos. Pete thought I was crazy, Celia perhaps. But she usualy throws a complete hissy fit when getting dressed however I discovered that a swimsuit is evidently okay to her. She didn't make a peep- putting on extra sunscreen, well that is a different story. Pete at one point plopped her in the sand and she discovered the wonderful texture of warm sand. She was so excited. She dug her hands deep into the sand and let it slip through them. I of course had to ruin it after awhile, worrying about how we were possibly going to get the sand out of her. Celia also practiced her walking in the sand and really did a good job- holding mom's hands of course!

Oh, okay, more on Chincoteague. Well there are not a huge variety of restaurants on the Island. We enjoyed Steamers, Bills and Ettas. Don's was a little scary, food not horrible, but I won't be returning. Let's put it this way, they didn't even bother to wipe the mud off of Pete's oyster shells. Oh we also enjoyed the Subway-is there anywhere that they haven't franchised? But if you do go to Chincoteague, definately get a place with a kitchen and bring food. The island has some unique stores, like the junk filled front yard of a rainbow colored house. If anyone is in the market for a black overly fluffy feathered rooster I know the yard where you can find it.

Okay, well I suppose that is all for Chincoteague. It was a good vacation, a different one for me I suppose. As I have a little 16 lb 9 month old attached to me at all times, literally sometimes (Pete was a little unearthed by the frequent public- but discrete- breastfeeding). However I did enjoy reading my two novels.

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