Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Cake

Every year I make Celia's cake. This year was the easiest, and maybe the prettiest!!

Her theme is rainbows. We are celebrating today with family, her birthday is actually on Wednesday.
Is this pinterest worthy??

Updated: The cake was great and everyine who ate it seemed to enjoy it at our small party. Sometime after we ate the cake and put it back in the rubbermaid container, I went to the bathroom. During that time Audrey took advantage of my absence, went into the kitchen and returned with the cake in the box. I walked in on her holding it infront of my mother in law announcing "I want that". The cake was split in two and smashed against the side. So leftover cake looks quite gross and will not last past today as it is a smushy mess. Audrey did not get that, a banana and some green beans were offered. Don't worry she had "that" with the rest of us, I was not going to give her seconds.

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